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Sony MHS-PM1/D Webbie HD™ Camera
Upload your life. Capture priceless moments with the Webbie HD™ camera and easily share them with your friends on compatible sharing websites.

$129.97 - $260.00 at 14 Store(s)
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Features  4.0 Design  4.0
Video Quality  3.0 Audio Quality  4.0
Ease Of Use  5.0 Image Stability  3.0
Maintenance  4.0 Battery Life  4.0
Weight  4.0 Value For Money  4.0
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Capture Moments with Sony MHS-PM1/D Webbie HD Camera


Introduction: Want a camera to have fun with? Want to upload your pictures to YouTube with lightning speed? Then, Sony MHS-PM1/D is what you should have in your kitty. This camera is so tiny & cute that it can be practically mounted anywhere and everywhere effortlessly. To reduce the hand-shake affect and receive blur-free images, mount this camera onto a tripod and the 4x digital zoom will try to capture even the farthest subject in a great detail.


Features: To enable smooth and fast switching from still images to video recording, separate buttons have been provided on this device. The Lithium ion batteries provided in this camera are rechargeable in nature and will last for more than an hour at a stretch. The fact that these batteries are not prone to the memory effect, make them more reliable than the other batteries in the market. To shorten the size of your video and audio files, this camera uses MP4 format and the 5 megapixels CMOS sensors deliver the perfect image that you have always dreamed about.



  • The camera comes equipped with in-built Picture Motion Browser software which helps you to select the videos you want to upload within the camera itself.
  • Once you rotate the swivel lens, your camera will receive the power and starts rolling, taking pictures instantly. This lens can rotate up to 270 degrees offering you the maximum coverage you can achieve while shooting with such an entry-level device.
  • Ability to shoot still images with a high resolution of 5 megapixels is a boon to any avid shooter.


  • Similar to the other pocketable cameras, there is no viewfinder and flash in this Webbie camera. And often the pictures look as poor as the ones shot with a cell phone.
  • The images rendered in the dimly lit environment were a tad darker than the ones shot otherwise.
  • The video clips are of restricted duration of 25 times and once the time is up you’ll have to start recording all over again.

Pricing Range: This little wonder can be yours for just $129.97 - $260.00 in Silver, Purple & Orange!

Final Verdict: Great looks, stylish design, ultra sleek body, its swivel lens- make the Sony MHS-PM1/D Webbie hard to miss even amongst a bevy of giant digital devices. With this device, you will get for what you pay and the price is just perfect for this wonderful device that leaves no stone unturned in competing with the Flip. The MHS-PM1/D is surely a cool device to hang out with!

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