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Sony HDR-CX500
Featuring an advanced "Exmor R" CMOS sensor, the HDR-CX500V provides stunning detail and clarity even in low light. Record 1920 x 1080 high-definition video and 12 megapixel still images directly to 32GB of internal flash memory. Additionally, the built-in GPS receiver lets you Geo-tag your videos and photos.

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Explore, Indulge & Conquer the World with Sony HDR-CX500!




The HDR-CX500 camcorder from Sony offers an unending feast to the techno-hungry videographers; the more you devour it the more it is going to fulfill your video graphic needs. This device is a cornucopia of sorts; hell bent on bombarding the serious professionals with more goodies than they can relish and surprises the user with some new feature here or a tweaked component there in their entire journey. 




The HDR-CX500 comes equipped with a special Exmor R CMOS Sensor to deliver better pictures even in low light conditions. This sensor eliminates the graininess that is usually found in night footage and thus enhances the overall quality of the image. The built-in flash also contributes a lot for brightening up the footage shot in the night.  Most of us would like to take pictures even when the video shooting is on. For such special needs, this camcorder is equipped with a dual recording feature that allows you to take pictures of 8.3 Megapixels resolution simultaneously with the on going video recording. Detect as many as 8 faces with the Face Detection feature and play with the tones, colors and exposure of the image as well.



  • Capture every moment of your celebration in 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolutions and you create amazing family videos that can be viewed later on the huge screen of your HDTV.
  • With the HDR-CX500 you can enjoy the option of hybrid recording. In addition to the 32 GB internal flash memory that lets you store 24 hours of footage in high definition you can also use Memory Stick PRO Duo media (removable) to extend your storage memory.
  • Bid farewell to your digital camera now. You can shoot still images of whopping 12.0 Megapixels resolution with this versatile camcorder and will never need a digital camera in your life again.
  • The HDR-CX500 comes equipped with a built-in GPS receiver for the advantage of the globe-trotters. See where you are located on the LCD and find out the time zone of that particular place automatically. You can also tag photos and videos according to the locations they were shot and archive them in the form of a index for a faster retrieval in future.
  • Some special events like the very steps of your son or the first ballet performance of your daughter can be recorded by using a unique feature called Smooth Slow Record. This function allows you to record the footage at 240ps, a rare feat to achieve and also add a piece of music to it if you like.
  • The bundled Picture Motion Browser software helps you create a DVD copy of your footage with a single touch of the button. You can also plug in your camcorder to a VRD-P1 DVDirect DVD burner directly and convert the format of your footage or simple make DVD copies straight away from the camcorder itself.


  • The Picture Motion Browser software that comes with the camcorder kit does not support Mac OS.
  • The headphone jack and the microphone input went missing from this camcorder.
  • This device is not PictBridge compatible.
  • The HDR-CX 500 fails to offer proper picture effects and digital picture effects that can help the user shoot more creatively.

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Grab this camcorder today to be a thorough Videographer for just $679.00 - $1,099.00!


Final Verdict: The HDR-CX500 is yet another breathtaking camcorder that comes fully loaded from the reputed manufacturer Sony. Features that will make you drool, simple yet sturdy design, inspiring technologies and ravishing output in the end is what this camcorder has on its platter for you. Devour it to tame your passion and hone your skills!

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