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Sony DCR-DVD108
Step up to next-generation technology and start recording directly to DVD with the DCR-DVD108 Handycam® camcorder. Shoot, burn and share your memories with incredible ease.

$499.55 - $530.63 at 2 Store(s)
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Features  3.0 Design  3.0
Video Quality  4.0 Audio Quality  4.0
Ease Of Use  4.0 Image Stability  4.0
Maintenance  4.0 Battery Life  4.0
Weight  3.0 Value For Money  3.0
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Enjoy the Sony Advantage with Sony DCR-DVD 108!


Introduction:  A brand new feather has been added to the Sony’s DVD camcorders, the DCR-DVD108 that was recently launched is known for its simplicity in style and bare minimum controls that are of utilitarian value rather than a show piece. Though the DCR-DVD108 happens to be an entry-level camcorder the manufacturer has not skimped on its features and has provided all those bells & whistles that are commonly found in a decent camcorder.


Features: Poor light often messes up the quality of your pictures in the night; to prevent this Sony has introduced Super Night Shot that allows you to shoot great pictures even in dim environments. The built-in infrared technology helps you shoot the subject that is even 20 feet away from you. Several picture effects, fader effects and scene modes have been provided to enhance the shooting experience for the user and to let him experiment the numerous ways in which he can capture his precious moments.



  • The 40x optical zoom is one of the most powerful zooms we have seen in the recent times.
  • Record your footage onto a DVD and enjoy the playback on a wide variety of devices like computers, DVD players and Playstation video game consoles.
  • The soon-to-be-extinct manual focus feature is a boon to the professionals who would want to do their own focus adjustments. 


  • The size of the view screen 2.5 is comparative less. Several other camcorders of the same price range carry a bigger screen and even the discs are comparatively expensive.
  • As it is an entry-level camcorder a whole lot of components like the accessory shoe, the headphone jack, microphone input and the docking station were given a miss from this model.
  • Too many connectivity issues and footage transfer flaws haunt this camcorder.

Pricing Range: Buy this camcorder for just $499.55 - $530.63 in Silver!

Final Verdict: The DCR-DVD108 camcorder of Sony is a stripped down version of its high-end camcorders and does not carry several accessories that have become necessary for a decent videographer. Its affordable price makes up for the loss of features and one doesn’t really have much to crib about with its performance. Go ahead and buy it!

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