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Samsung SC-DX205
The SAMSUNG SC-DX205 can give you up to 100mins. of recording time. Plus, with the 2.7-inch LCD screen you'll easily capture those special shots like baby’s first steps.Now you can capture these memories on DVD discs.

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Features  4.0 Design  4.0
Video Quality  4.0 Audio Quality  3.0
Ease Of Use  3.0 Image Stability  3.0
Maintenance  4.0 Battery Life  4.0
Weight  4.0 Value For Money  4.0
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Samsung SC-DX205 - A Brilliant Home Movie Maker


Samsung SC-DX205 is a fine product from Samsung and is a good performer for making home videos. This new camcorder combines an attractive compact body with a host of useful and high quality features that are geared to make your videos an excellent one. In addition, the design is made in a way to give you better grip so that you can capture the priceless moments of life with ease and grace. In fact, recording with Samsung SC-DX205 will keep all the smiles and the colors of life intact and lively.


Let us have a look at the specs that this latest Samsung creation is offering. Like the other models and true to the Samsung edge, this version also uses the Schneider lens which helps in keeping intact the natural look of the images. This is possible as these lenses are well known for their astigmatic aberration tolerance and low distortion rate. You will get high precisions and quality in the video footage that you will capture with Samsung SC-DX205. Apart from the lens there are many other edgy features that have made this model a real good companion no matter where you go.


Samsung SC-DX205 is a flash based camcorder where the files are compressed. Now, in the mind of the regular user, there is always a doubt whether the image quality will get hampered due to this compression of files. But with SC-DX205, you are free from this tension as the videos are captured in H.264 CODEC format. Moreover, there is digital image stabilizer as well which offers you blur-free images for a crisp and sharp quality. You will also get the advantage of manual focus instead of an auto-focus which lets you fiddle with your creativity. The buttons and switches are also set in an arrangement that is easy to operate. Samsung SC-DX205 even can boast of the battery life. With so many good features packed in a single body, the device weighs only around 12.9 ounces.

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