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Flip SlideHD
SlideHD is the world's best shoot and show camcorder Shoot up to four hours of incredible HD video on the portable SlideHD Press the big red button on the sleek touchscreen to start capturing high-quality HD video Slide open the 3" widescreen to show your favorite videos instantly to friends and family 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per seconds (fps) progressive scan "Child Safe" mode to prevent accidental deletions of clips Silent mode for recording in sensitive situations.

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Features  4.0 Design  3.0
Video Quality  3.0 Audio Quality  3.0
Ease Of Use  3.0 Image Stability  3.0
Maintenance  4.0 Battery Life  4.0
Weight  3.0 Value For Money  3.0
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Show-off as you as you shoot with Flip Slide HD !




Flip Slide HD, the much-awaited-addition to the hyped Flip family is trying to put up the same successful performance it has shown when it has released Flip Mino years ago. This camcorder delivers functionality in the guise of fashion; it is an undeniable fact that this device draws looks from one and all as you ski along the snow slopes with this cutie sitting plum in your hands.




With Flip Slide HD you can take pictures, make movies, shoot videos, store and share them in the way you want to, when you want to. Make your video clips interesting by adding your favorite piece of music to them or just assign the task to Magic Movie feature and see what a miraculous transformation your footage undergoes in its hands.




·         A single push with your finger is going to unleash a 4 hour-lasting HD virtual romance for you. H.264 HD is the format used for recording videos in this device. The advantage of this format is that, a wide number of applications like Quick Time player, Windows Media Player etc. can play the footage for you in vivid detail.

·         The 3” slide touch-screen offers ample arena for your fingers to play around. Slide it and see how your friends will be enthralled by the videos on display. Plug the device into a HDTV and watch the magnified version of your amazing videos.

·         The camcorder bundles Flip Share software that allows you to carry along 12 hours recording of photos and videos. Uploading videos to online sites YouTube, Facebook etc can be done in a jiffy in a hassle-free manner.




·         Flip Slide HD looks little chunky and thick when compared to its earlier version.

·         The sensor has not been upgraded from the earlier Mino device.

·         The image stabilization feature was given a miss in this model.


Pricing Range:


Gift this cute camcorder to your loved ones by paying just $220-$279. Available in White!


Final Verdict:


Though we all know that often good things come in small packages, we cannot vouch that compactness of the Flip Slide HD is exactly what we are ready for, in today’s world of ever- increasing sophistication. Failure to upgrade the sensor and the accompanying audio is a big drawback considering the fact that Flip Slide HD commands more price than its previous version. The question is that, for what should the consumers pay those extra bucks for? Extended memory might not be a convincing answer for many!


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