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Canon Vixia HF R11
With the Canon VIXIA HF R11 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder, you'll find that high definition video has hit new levels of convenience, ease, performance- and value. The VIXIA HF R11 has a 32GB internal flash drive, together with an SD memory card slot, Canon's Relay Recording and Smart Auto. A Genuine Canon 20x HD Video Lens and Dynamic IS works in combination with our sophisticated Canon HD image processing to deliver the sharp, vivid, lifelike video you want to see on your HDTV.

$599.00 - $730.95 at 6 Store(s)
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Weight  4.0 Value For Money  3.0
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Get Smart with Canon’s Vixia HF R11!




Canon’s Vixia HF R11 is somewhat similar to its previous model Vixia HF R10 except certain modifications done to it. Unlike the previous one this Camcorder has an internal storage capacity of 32 GB along with SD memory card. Further, it being lightweight and user-friendly it gives you the extreme pleasure of photography and shooting. There are several other options available for you in this Camcorder such Relay Recording, Dynamic Image Stabilizer, Quick Smart and many more. In addition, this Camcorder is packed with interesting features with which you can get stunning images as well as video output. Moreover even if you run out of space this Camcorder switches over to another medium, thus making things much easier and comfortable for you.  




With Vixia HF R11 you can view your videos and images in a 16” widescreen LCD. It comes with a 20x optical/ 400X digital zoom along with HD video lens which is a specialty of Canon. Further, you get a 2.39- megapixel HD CMOS image sensor due to which you can get sharp and crisp images. With the digital dynamic Image Stabilization you can prevent your Camcorder from shaking and with its face detention technology you get a better experience and can focus in a perfect manner.




·         Vixia HF R11 has a mic inputs and you can operate them manually without any difficulty.

·         You can now capture your images and videos with much ease and comfort.

·         It delivers clear and crisp images that you would like to see on your HDTV.

·         With its Advanced Video Snapshots Technology you can create movie clippings on your own.

·         It is user-friendly as well as lightweight.

·         There are options like Pre-record, 24p & 30p Frame Modes.




·         You need to spend some extra money on Eye-Fi due to the in built memory available in it.

·         If you are not an expert in Camcorders then you need to understand this one very carefully.




This sleek and classy model by Canon is available in the market at $665.00 - $699.99.


Final Verdict:


Canon’s Vixia HF R11 has tons of features available in it which gives it a professional look. With this Camcorder you can get the maximum pleasure of recording videos as well as capturing images. Besides that, it’s sleek body and advanced features and bring you into notice by many. So make a mark of yours with Vixia HF R11 today!


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