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Canon DC210
With the affordable and easy-to-operate DC210, you get all the performance of DVD technology, along with the brilliance and power of a Genuine Canon 35x Optical Zoom. You also get an impressive array of features found on more expensive models. With the DC210, you'll enjoy capturing the precious moments of your life and sharing them with everyone.

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Features  3.0 Design  3.0
Video Quality  4.0 Audio Quality  4.0
Ease Of Use  3.0 Image Stability  4.0
Maintenance  4.0 Battery Life  3.0
Weight  4.0 Value For Money  2.0
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Canon DC 210 –A Run-of-the-mill Camcorder!




 Looking for a camcorder that can dole you out the best in the DVD technology along with an impressive array of features? Your search has come to an end with the release of the DC 210 from the Canon. With the price being anything but cheap, this camcorder can be termed as a reasonably priced one; its ultra compact size and not-so-heavy body try to justify the price to some extent.




Worry no more if you are holding the camcorder in the right level or not. The grid marker and level marker features were added to this device so that it can handle the leveling job for you. To ensure that the videos and the images remain noise-free, the DC 210 comes equipped with a hybrid noise reduction system. To add a touch of the magic of the movies to your home videos, the DC 210 comes studded with a Dolby Digital Stereo audio.




·         With a single push of the button, start making your home videos by recording them directly onto a DVD. Even in standard mode footage of 30 minutes duration can be easily stored on these DVD-R/-RW discs.

·         The 35x optical zoom and 1000x digital zoom housed in this ultra compact camcorder will come to your rescue when you have to shoot your kid’s baseball game or the bird’s nest on a far away try. Try the varying zoom speeds first before deciding up on one.

·         While shooting still images you can use 9 point Auto Intelligent Focus and other scene presets for achieving the best results.




·         The camcorder does not feature a mini SD card slot.

·         Lack of USB slot can be a practical deal breaker for many.

·         The viewfinder just sits there and does nothing; it neither pivots nor projects out for easy viewing.

·         .The bundled kit does not carry conversion software for the VRO format. The user should shell down extra bucks to get hold of one from a third-party.


Pricing Range:


This camcorder can be bought for $180.00 - $250.00 in Silver!


Final Verdict:


The DC 210 is like any other camcorder in the market and there is nothing special or exceptional about its features or about its performance.

Though the manual lens cover and the built-in stereo microphone are an added advantage for this model, they definitely cannot substitute for the editing hassles this camcorder creates. Considering the poor features and the format conversion problems the price for this camcorder is not at all justified. There are better camcorders in the market that carry extra features and promise enhanced performance for almost the same price.


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